Anita + Kevork

Casual Session

If ever a professor asks me what the equation for fun is, I’ll tell her that it’s pretty easy: Anita + Kevork = fun! Take these two lovebirds to a an even more exciting place, such as Six Flags (La Ronde) in Montreal, and we get quite a fantastic result.

I had the pleasure of meeting these two last winter through an ad on Craigslist where I was looking to photograph couples to try a few things photographically speaking, and we made this happen a few months later for their engagement session. Something cool that occurred that day was that I tried Le Monstre for the very first time. I remember my mom telling me to never go on that ride because her experience was somewhat negative…but thanks goodness for Anita and Kevork’s encouragement to actually get on it! I’ll just say this: I thought I was pretty tough…but I’m not. Free fall, gravity, noise and old wood aren’t a good combination for me. That’s why I can’t wait to go back and try it again!

Anita and Kevork are wonderful friends and a great couple to photograph. Thank you guys for allowing me to share this evening with you and we’ll see at your wedding!

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