Nadine + Joe


[wooslider slider_type=”attachments” limit=”100″ thumbnails=”default”] I remember back in March when Nadine called me the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day to see if I could photograph their engagement session…the following afternoon!  “Sure!” I said…and I’m super glad I did because this wonderful opportunity allowed me to meet two amazing individuals in Nadine and Joe.

That same afternoon, Joe asked me if I’d be willing to photograph their wedding in August and I told him “Sure!” (yet again…) and once more I’m glad I did! HAHA! Nadine and Joe sure know how to plan, rock and roll a wedding because this was the most fun and relaxed time I had photographing a wedding for the entire day. This beautiful wedding gave me the opportunity to meet great friends and see wonderful places that I had no idea existed outside of Montreal.  Thank you Joe and thank you Nadine for allowing me to document your precious day with your friends and family.

Also a big shout out to my friend Maxime Normand for tagging along, taking the driver’s seat on a golf cart and making some stunning photographs!

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