Kristin + Neil


There’s always a two-sided face when I’m photographing a wedding. A part of me is excited a few hours before I get to the bride’s home and then throughout the whole day. The other half is wishing that the day wouldn’t end so soon…or that the same awesome couple would re-marry the next day!

Such was what I felt before, during and after documenting Kristin and Neil’s wedding. Both my wife and Kristin being students at Concordia University, they’re a couple we can relate to, and when the bride tells me that she appreciated my photography…well let’s just say that that’s more than enough for me to up my game with the camera.

There were a few firsts for me at this wedding. It was the first time that I was photographing a ceremony at the Montreal Courthouse. It was also the first time that I was documenting a wedding on a different day than Saturday. And It was also the first time that I experienced a police officer pulling us over for making a kinda-not-legal left turn and letting us go with a “happy wedding!” wish. I guess there are some things that allow us to be over the law for just a while as long as we’re wearing a wedding dress and tux.

Kristin and Neil, thank you guys for allowing me document your wedding and spending the day with your loved ones.

In all? What an awesome wedding to kick off the year! Here are a few frames from this beautiful day.

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