Nathalie + François

Casual Session

Take this awesomely all-around fun couple, let them be who they are in their home, bring a camera along and expect to have a really great time photographing them. That’s exactly what happened a few days ago with François and Nathalie when they called me for a portrait session of the two of them. Make that the three of them…because Nathalie is expecting anytime this month!

These are the kind of sessions that I love photographing the most because it has a certain documentary edge to it. There’s nothing too fancy about this, just the pure interaction between two people in love within their environment. As I’m photographing more couples for casual sessions or weddings, I realize that I’m leaning more and more towards this documentary/environmental style of portraiture in my photography.

It’s raw storytelling at its best!

This fine couple rocks and I can’t wait to see the little one when she’s ready to greet the world.

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