K + N

Surprise Proposal

I met him a few hours before he proposed to his girlfriend. We scouted the location for where the proposal will take place and laid out a simple plan. My mission? Capture everything without her seeing me. Challenging enough? Yeah. That’s why I agreed to do it.

Then, a few hours later, the time has come to put our plan in motion. It happened this past weekend. It was dark, cold and raining. Not too much light, but enough to capture something at ISO 6400, 1/125th of a second at f/2.8 with the 70-200mm (thank you Nikon for the VR and weather-sealed lens).

I get down on the ground and start capturing the moment about 50 feet from where their lives were to become one. A while later, I return to my car…body a bit cold with my jeans wet and my coat smelling kind of funny. But it doesn’t matter. The moment deserved that insignificant sacrifice. For 1/125th of a second, the whole moment was worth the shot.

Mission accomplished.

Congratulations to N + K for this beautiful adventure that you are about to partake in your lives.

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