Himmat + René


What an amazing honor it was to document Himmat and René’s multicultural Montreal wedding in their beautiful home on the 8th floor of a building facing the St. Lawrence River. The area was once the main attraction landmark during Expo 67, so it goes without saying that the spectacular view of Montreal’s skyline from their place was simply breathtaking.

Their humble wedding took place in their beautiful living room where about 60 friends and family members joined together to celebrate the union of two wonderful people. An awesome multiculturalism spirit was in the air on that day as Himmat’s Indian and René’s French Canadian heritage set the atmosphere for universal love to reign. The cherry on the sundae for me was that a more oriental culture was added in the mix as the reception brought everyone to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at a Japanese sushi bar, the Kazumi Sushi Lounge in Montreal, where I tasted some of the best and freshest sushi in my life.

Thank you so much Himmat and René for inviting me to document this memorable day for you and wish you all the best as a new chapter unfolds in your lives.

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