Marie-Claude + Joey

Engagement Session

“The third one’s the charm”. This old saying perfectly fits the engagement session for this beautiful and future newlyweds. Because of the crazy variable weather we’ve been having in our region, we had to postpone Marie-Claude and Joey’s engagement session quite two times before being lucky this past weekend.

This fine couple has chosen a very special…and quite fun place to have their photographs taken prior to the wedding: Six Flags (La Ronde) in Montreal. Coincidentally enough, this is the exact same place where I shot my first ever engagement session two years ago. I love the challenge of shooting in the same location more than once, as it forces me to continuously being motivated in finding fresh composition and photographs that have a life of their own.

Marie-Claude and Joey are getting married pretty soon, and I can’t wait to see them again to document their wedding.

You can see more beautiful imagery on our Facebook page.

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