Ivana + Lav


When their photographer told them that he wouldn’t be able to photograph their wedding a few weeks before the big day, Lav quickly went online to quickly find a wedding photographer.  A sweet combination of sound strategy and a bit of luck turned into a blessing for us as, within the same week, we met Lav and Ivana at our home studio to chat about their wedding plans. We loved these two immediately for the passion they shared for each other, and even more for the utmost care they have for both their friends and families in Canada and abroad.

The morning started out with Lav getting ready in his apartment where we had a blast hanging with his dad and best man. The second half of the morning brought us over at one of the best spa in N.D.G., Au premier, where we were having a great time photographing the staff taking care of Ivana and her lovely maid-of-honor. The afternoon took us over at Café Daylight Factory, in downtown Montreal, where they exchanged their vows in front of their dear ones. This was a very special ceremony because a laptop plugged on the Internet was set up for Ivana’s parents for them to witness their beautiful daughter’s wedding from their home in Serbia. How awesome is that? The evening sweetly unfolded as friends and families danced until the wee hours of the morning with some delicious cakes to help the bodies keep up with the energy of the night.

Ivana and Lav, we love you so much and are forever grateful for the honor you’ve given us in documenting your wedding. We wish you a wonderful fun adventure as you begin your lives together as one!

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