When I first met with them at their house, Joey asked me “what are you not telling us?”. What kind of answer do you give when you’re trying to sell a priceless thing to someone. In this case to two wonderful people? “I’m not telling you that you will love your images” is what I told him. That’s actually what I answer most people that ask me the same question. You see, the real outcome of wedding photography are the wedding photographs themselves. Those are the post-wedding artifacts that will last for generations to come. Nothing else comes close to it. Not the dress. Not the cake. Not the flowers. Not the limo. Not the bad weather. Not the cousin who kept sneezing during the ceremony. And whether the outcome is positive depends mostly on the couple’s energy and will to participate in creating beautiful photographs of their wedding.

In this case, Marie-Claude and Joey nailed this one every single hour of their wedding day. Though the day started cold, grey and windy, these two never let those factors influence their happiness and excitement the entire time, and I just wished that day had 50 hours instead of the regular 24 because I wanted to continue capturing every moment, every tear of joy, every laughter, every emotion…everything. In fact, from the moment I photographed their engagement session in Six Flags (La Ronde), I couldn’t wait to kick it up a notch and give my everything for them to be happy and proud of the work they did over the year in preparing their wedding.

I’m beyond honored to have met and worked with these two over the course of a few months and glad to have shared their precious time with their beautiful family and friends. We love you guys a lot.

P.S. Please give a warm high-five to Bella for us.

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