Keiko + Pierre-Luc

Maternity Session

It shouldn’t be surprising to see a photographer’s personality in the photographs that he or she make. One of the reasons why I love photographing weddings is in part because of my own wedding and the many more I was privileged to photograph for others. Currently, we don’t have kids in our lives. Therefore, it’s a bit hard to express myself photographically in a scenario for which I have no experience. Like a maternity photo session for example. When my friend Pierre-Luc called me the other time to see if we could schedule a maternity session with his wife who is [was, by the time you’re reading this] expecting their first child in a few weeks, I wasn’t too sure how to respond, other than by telling him the straight truth: I don’t know how to photograph a maternity session, but I know how to photograph couples. So we went with that raw proposition, and a few hours later we came out with some beautiful photos of a lovely couple whose life was soon about to change. I’m grateful for the trust that Pierre-Luc and his beautiful wife, Keiko, gave me on that day to make these (and many others) photographs for them.

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