Sarah + Armand

Engagement Session

When Armand contacted me to photograph his surprise proposal to Sarah in Quebec City, little did I know that we would both will working on it for the following weeks up to that day. They’re based in California and we’re in Quebec, and if it wasn’t for the communication technologies we have today, I can’t even phantom how we could have pulled it off.

Using emails, Google Maps and Skype, we meticulously planned every detail to make their surprise proposal a success…and we did! And she said ‘Yes!’. Given that the weather didn’t played nice with us the next day, we thought best to skip a day and do their engagement session then. I love Quebec City a lot. It’s full of historic monuments, tourists coming from all over the world and the restaurants with their various fine-cuisine makes it all worth visiting over and over again. It’s always awesome hanging with new friends in another city to make something valuable for them.

We couldn’t have been happier being with these two during our week in Quebec City. We’re actually looking forward returning to that amazing city very soon.

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