Thy + Maxime


A wonderful perk that comes with photographing weddings is the various cultures that we get to experience with people. It satisfies a craving of the soul that longs to experience something different. Max and Thy’s traditional Vietnamese wedding is an excellent example of this. During the morning, Max got ready at his parents’ place, while Thy was preparing herself for the tea ceremony at their own apartment.  Being with such a different mix of cultures was incredible. That morning, I realized how important and valuable it is for people to never forget their culture, their customs and their traditions.

The ceremony and reception took place at Moulin Callières di Jasmin in Côteau-du-Lac. The venue provided the perfect setting to host the celebration for their friends and families. The food, speeches, laughs and dancing on that special night will forever be engraved in our memories. On top of the entire celebration, we experienced our first authentic DJ at a wedding reception. We’re talking “old school” authentic. You know, the one where the DJ actually spins those big vinyl discs on the turntable. It was absolutely incredible!

We’re grateful towards Max and Thy for their trust in documenting their wedding. We look forward in experiencing and photographing many more like these in the future.

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