Hira + Michael



Christmas is just around the corner, and the new year is but a few sunrises away. As we’re in the midst of the spirit of celebration, we thought best to take a little break from all the welcomed madness and share with you one of our favorite weddings of this year. Hira and Michael’s beautiful celebration took place in Montreal on a warm and sunny summer weekend. Surrounded by their family members and dearest friends, the day was filled with vibrant colors, a sweet aroma of the unique blend of the Asian cultures, and energetic music that guided our kindred spirits from the morning up until the late night.

Hira and Michael are a beautiful couple, with such a wonderful and warm soul, that they have become the baseline of who we want to work with in the future. Prior to the wedding day, we took a few hours from our schedule to photograph their henna. It was our first time experiencing such a celebration and we’re already looking forward in repeating the experience in the near future. The joy, the laughs, the surprises and the excitement that ruled that specific evening was one that we’ll forever cherish in our hearts. Their wedding day was just as remarkable. Though the morning started a bit grey in the skies, it didn’t take long for the sun rays to poke through the clouds and warm the city, which was very welcome by all of us. The evening took us at Buffet Roma, a venue which provided the perfect combination of food, colors and music to celebrate such a special union. We left the night driving home with a big grin on our faces as we recalled so many beautiful moments from the entire day.

We are so grateful to Hira and Michael, their families and their friends, for extending us the invitation to photograph their entire day. We love them so much for their trust, their hard work and their patience in creating something beautiful and timeless for them. Just before wrapping up this one, we want to wish them, and everyone else following our work, a very merry Christmas and a most wonderful new year!

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