Christina + Binh

Engagement Session

The Urban Dictionary defines the word amazing as something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match.

You see, I was brushing my fingers over the keyboard without typing much of anything, because I was thinking about how to begin describing this engagement session. What to write first? I’m not much of a writer, so these things don’t come as easily to me as when pressing the shutter with a correct exposure. So, I asked myself what was the first thing, the first word, the first something that came on my mind when thinking about the time that Christina, Binh and I spent together a few weeks ago. The first (and quite honestly the only) word that came into my mind was that one. Amazing. In every sense of the word. How amazing that life worked things out for us to have these two as clients for their upcoming wedding. How amazing that the weather and temperature were on our side on that cool winter afternoon. How amazing that they trusted me completely to photograph them, knowing that they hadn’t been photographed like this before. And how amazing that they have participated wholeheartedly in front of the camera by simply being themselves. I’m telling ya…

One challenge that comes up, when photographing on a winter afternoon, is the short window of time that we have to take advantage of the natural light outside. Darkness comes rushing and so does the cooler temperature. Quickly finding the best light, as well as working rapidly, but effectively is key, and this mostly happens with great and patient clients. Such was the experience when working with this beautiful couple. We hit it off immediately at Square Victoria Metro before continuing our session at the Montreal’s World Trade Center building. I love shooting there so much because of the endless creative opportunities that the location provides. After more than two or three hours of shooting, we ended our evening together shooting in downtown, by taking advantage of the colorful lights mixed with the snow and people walking around us. It was surely getting colder and colder, but these two understood the importance of the eternal photograph, and I’m so grateful to them for going above and beyond, so that they may forever enjoy the images we all worked hard to make. We’re so much looking forward to photographing their wedding later this year!

You can see more beautiful imagery on our Facebook page.

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