Katie + Justin


It’s a wonderful thing to feel all over again something that occurred quite a while ago. That’s the feeling that’s running in my mind and body right now as I’m looking back at these images of Justin and Katie’s wedding, and writing this piece. On a quick side note, it also always intrigues me how fast life seems to fly by every time I see an image. It continually reminds me about the importance of the photograph. Lest we forget…

I had the great chance of meeting and working with Justin last year, and we became good friends as we shared the bus on our way home from work. The moment he shared with me the happy news that he was about to marry his best friend of almost a decade, I hoped to get the opportunity in documenting this very special day of theirs. Glad my wife and I were when we later found out that the opportunity would be realized. Katie and Justin got married at her aunt’s place in the country. Everyone chipped in their hands to create something beautiful our of nothing. By combining their creativity, energy and will, everyone cemented the positive outcome of that wonderful summer day. There’s something special about a DIY wedding, where each imperfection is actually perfectly made. Personally, I think that whatever is made by our hands, minds and bodies, is unique because an individual (instead of some robot or machine) actually put the energy to make something. From the little decorations and individual table sets at the reception (which was held under a big and warm tent!) to the dancing and speeches throughout the night, the waves generated by this celebration actually made me dance a bit as I was shooting scenes on the dance floor. And that normally doesn’t happen, because I’m a worse dancer than Elaine

We’re super happy for the opportunity to have worked with Justin and Katie, and also their siblings, friends and families, on that beautiful day. We love these two a lot and wish them the best adventure that life can offer in this inspiring world.

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