Ania + Olivier

Engagement Session

I remember exactly the weekend we scheduled to photograph Ania and Olivier’s engagement session near the Parc Lafontaine in Montreal. It was one of those weird environmental phenomenon where you would experience four seasons in one day: hail in the morning, sun in mid-afternoon, cold wind and rain in the evening and who-knows-what-else in the evening. We decided to shoot the next day, Sunday, so as to better our chances of staying alive.

The minute we started photographing, all those natural elements didn’t matter anymore. It was just them, a camera and myself. The location had a meaning to them because they live nearby. So we went for it and managed to make some beautiful images together, as a team. We even decided to shoot inside a local café for a bit to warm up a little. Authentic, delightful and beautiful, these two would look just as nice on a photo even if a tornado decided to introduced itself that day. I’m always glad when clients decide to go that extra mile to make more meaningful images that will last past a lifetime, despite some lesser weather conditions. I’m even happier for the chance to document their wedding with my wife in a couple of weeks.

You can see more beautiful imagery on our Facebook page.

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