Efua + Chris


We’re super glad to feature one of our most memorable weddings from last year, which took place at the historic St. George Anglican Church and the beautiful Montreal Science Center. This wedding day was a perfect combination which satisfied the core of our fundamental senses. Allow me to explain a bit.  The vibrant colors of both the bridesmaids’ dresses and decor were pleasing to our sight. The unique African culture, which ruled the atmosphere that day, generated some of the most contagious shouts of joy and laughs that our hearing has experienced. The amazing food selection and preparation by the culinary geniuses of the Montreal Science Center more than satisfied our taste buds and sense of smell. As for our favorite sense of all, touch, that one was satiated with the hugs and dancing.

Indeed, this celebration uniting Efua and Chris in holy matrimony, and witnessed among their closest friends and families, deserved to be celebrated with style and excitement from the get-go. It was a pure joy for us to document the many moments of that day for them. Also, after talking with some of the guests and members of the bridal party, which have come from other countries specifically for their wedding, we couldn’t help ourselves but to acknowledge how small, yet beautiful in its diversity, our world is. And more importantly than all that, at least for us, was is to realize that love such as this has no boundary whatsoever.

We’re super grateful to Efua and Chris for their trust in us photographing this very special day of theirs. Congratulations again you two!

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